Monday, 30 April 2012

Elphicks North Lake - 1st May 2012

Well after almost 2 years of trying I've managed to get booked on to the North Lake at Elphicks Fishery in Kent. I booked on for a 24hr session in the hope of once and for all finally breaking the 30lb mark. I've had 5 different fish from this lake in the past at 29lb 12ozs so with any luck this time the magical 30lb'er will grace my net. The bookings on the lake have exploded since the biggest carp in the lake has been really packing on weight culminating in her capture at 62lb 10oz.  

The lake is approxiamtely 6 acres and there are large numbers of quality carp in the lake, loads in the 20-30lb class as well as a good number of 30lb and 40lb+ fish. There are also a few very big catfish which when hooked really pull your string.

When I get back on Wednesday evening I'll update things with news of any captures.